Broken Smartphone With A Cracked Screen

Is It Right to Opt for Cell Phone Repair If It is Broken?

You broke your phone and it seems to put everything on hold from games to emails and texts and much more. Cell phones have managed to become one of the most important devices in our daily life. But what should you consider when it breaks, opt for a new one or get your phone fixed? In these two getting a new one is quite a simple option but not always as these options are vastly different in terms of cost and other things. It is true that time taken in repairing your cell phone depends on the extent and type of damage. If there is not much damage such as screen replacement it can be done in an hour mostly.

What should you do With Your Broken Phone?

How can you decide what to do with your broken phone? Before deciding whether to replace your cell phone or repair here are few questions that you should ask yourself:

  • What is the problem with your cell phone? Broken home button? Cracked screen? You should know the problem first before estimating the cost of repair that also tells whether you should opt for repair or to buy a new one.
  • What will be the price difference between repairing and replacing a cell phone? How much will it cost to repair? Or to replace? It is true that price is not everything but it is important to note that while a repair cost you $50 a replace will cost $200 and more, but with insurance the repair is worth.
  • Is your phone insured? Have you paid insurance through your service provider? You should see what options you have and check out the insurance coverage you have paid.
  • Do you love your phone and don’t want to replace it? You can keep most or all of your data if you repair your phone. As buying a new phone will have a learning curve and you may also lose all the information such as apps, contacts from your older phone.

With the help of these questions and finding answers you can determine what worth for you to repair or to replace your cell phone. Other important things are emotional connection to your phone, age of the phone compared to a new one and usability.

Repairing your Cell Phone

Many phone issues are caused by some minor problems that do not take long to fix this is why repairing a cell phone is not an expensive, long and drawn out process. You can take your phone to a service provider, these providers sometimes do not have tools on site and they can also ship your phone elsewhere for repairs that may take time to get your phone backed this can also lead for some to replace the phone but there are other options as well.

There are many cell phone repair companies that have the right tool and experience to repair various cell phones. You can simply bring your phone to any cell phone repair fairfax corner center and the experienced technicians will determine the problem and provide solutions.

Things to Consider While Selecting a Cell Phone Repair Company

Reputation Diagram Means Stature Trust And CredibilityIt is easy to break a cell phone, if you spill a drink, drop it on the floor and even physical buttons worn out, chipped or get stuck. A lot can go wrong, however these are not the things for which you throw your cell phone away. Finding a cell phone repair company that specializes in your make and model is important. As these companies have parts and can fix your phone fast this is why, you should search for the one that deals with your type of cell phone and have expertise and experience. Most electronic gadget repair centre with a storefront can repair a phone within an hour and many of them offer even mail-in services.

How to Select a Cell Phone Repair Center?

One thing to remember while selecting a repair center is that it should be well experienced in doing the repairs because your phone can be damaged further if you give it to an unskilled person. Here are some points that you must consider while selecting a cell phone repair company.

A combination of skills and knowledge that someone has is called expertise. This means that the individual or company must have expertise in repairing your cell phone. Selecting an expert company can meet your requirements and needs on time and at an affordable cost as well.


This is the most important thing to consider while selecting a repair company that it must have a good and clear past record. To determine this one can visit the websites of various repair companies online and read customer reviews who had previously repaired their cell phones from that company. As it is impossible for a person to visit each repair center and get a view of them, therefore customer reviews is the best and most authentic source to know about a company. As good and reputed company would never hide the feedback and comments of its clients but if it does then it is better not to have any dealings with the company that is doubtful.

A Good Company Never Hide Charges

It is true that repair charges vary across the globe but a good repair company will never hide its charges. What the repair company charge can help you to decide which repair company goes well with your budget as everyone want best quality repair in the cheapest price. Apart from charges, a matter of concern is the quality of the parts that are used to repair the cell phone. Sign of a reputed company is that it will never hide from where it gets the part.

A Good Company Provides Warranty for Its Repair

It is true that a good company provides warranty for its repair but it is also possible that not all companies provide warranty but again it is a vital feature that you should consider while selecting a cell phone repair company. A good search work with a bit of patience can help you to find a good company with all of these features.

Why to Opt For Cell Phone Repair Instead of Buying a New One?

Mobile Phone And TweezersFrom being a communication tool to a hot fad, cell phones have evolved from generation to generation. Regardless of financial status or age, everyone owns or wants to own a cell phone. Furthermore with the advancement in technology, cell phones are now becoming a replacement for computer. The list of state of the art smartphones is endless that ranges from iPhone, iPad to Blackberry, etc. Due to the increased in the variety of cell phones people now have a range of options to choose from this is why more and more people are now opting to buy them. Due to this increased in the number of ownership; there is an increased in the number of damages as well.

Why to Opt for Cell Phone Repair?

Today, cell phone repair shops are present everywhere and the cell phone repair has become an industry in itself. However, instead of getting the cell phone repaired people now prefer to buy a new one. But cell phone repair is a better option than buying a new one, here is why:

  • The Cost: The first and most important reason for repairing your cell phone is the cost. While buying a new cell phone may cost $1000 or more, getting an old phone repaired will cost less than $100. Cell phone repair is a cost-effective option however it might take more time than getting a new one. But still it is a good option to repair the broken phone than buying.
  • Environment-Friendly Option: Cell phone repair is more environment-friendly option than to getting a new one. The reason behind the fact is that a new cell phone creates radiation and heat that adds to the problem of global warming. This is why, getting a new cell phone means you are adding to the number of mobile phones already in use. But with the cell phone repair no further harm is caused to the environment. Therefore, visit a cell phone repair store, if your phone gets damaged or broken.
  • Data Loss: You will experience loss of data if your cell phone is malfunctioning or broken. In such situations getting a new phone means to transfer data present in your broken or damaged cell phone to the new one. But by going to a repair shop you can recover and retain all the data you have in your damaged phone.


In a conclusion, all the arguments stack up for a cell phone repair, this is because you should always get your broken or damaged phone fixed instead of buying a new one. If you wish to repair your cell phone you can search for several reputed service centers for cell phone repair services. As these centers are generally boast a team of qualified and experienced electronic service professionals, they can perform almost every type of possible cell phone repair at an affordable cost. A good service center guarantees that you will not have any problem in the near future and they are capable of handling various issues.